Job Finding Club: Search & Apply (Kerry’s Place)

Objective: To ask questions and share your job search with others, learn and apply advanced job searching tips, practice applying for jobs & submit job applications of interest.

Suitable for: Participants who are ready to apply for jobs and who want to stay motivated during their job search.

Prerequisites: Confirmation of Young Adults Project (YAP) registration and completion of a Kerry’s Place Autism Services intake meeting and relevant consent forms. Participants should have a resume completed prior to attending this group.

Young Adults Project (YAP) is an initiative at Kerry’s Place Autism Services which focuses on supporting adults 18 years or older with Autism Spectrum Disorder, who are looking to enter the workforce and retain meaningful employment. The Young Adults Project provides individualized support to adults with ASD at any point in their employment journey. The YAP participants work with an Autism Consultant to establish employment goals, attend small groups, connect with service providers, advocate for accommodations and maintain employment. All services have been adapted to be offered virtually using Zoom.


Feb 09 2023

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